Step 1

Pick one of these to download the app

Authenticate via a ‘Gmail’ or Facebook account or your mobile number

Scan this QR code to open the Apple iOS version

Scan this QR code to open the Android version







These are some typical screens you will need to work through to download the Apple version via TestFlight. [Note: TestFlight is an online service for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications, currently owned by Apple Inc and only offered to developers within the iOS Developer Program].

Step 2

Connect your mobile app to the school

Hogwarts is our fictitious school, paired with the mobile app, for your review and testing

Authenticate here [Gmail, Facebook or Mobile]

This is where you scan the Hogwarts QR code above

Select ‘Proceed’

This is where you need to wait for school approval

The notification when you are approved

Set your profile up as a ‘Studnet’ do not select ‘Sponsor’ ATM

Step 3

Open the school work hub

from here you can see the schools view of the student’s interactions


Use these credentials to login


PW: SafeHavens4Kids